Thursday, 24 May 2012

Round 2 2012 Preseason Tasks

Preseason Task #1 Get Real
This will be my 3rd round and yet every time I do this task I find i've come up with other excuses! This time my big excuse was that i'm 'Too Tired'! Well HELLO Chantz - get to bed earlier, have a good sleep and get your butt into the gym!
With winter here i've been using the 'Too Cold' excuse. OMG how silly is that one? What better way to warm up than exercise?
And with the excuses that are out of my control well that is obvious for me - Sick kids! Well I do have my Cardio Kicker DVD here so I can easily use that!

I'm sure more excuses will creep in and i'm determined to pick up on them right away and deal with it!

Preseason Task #2 Set your Goals
This one was quite hard for me as now I need to go beyond weight loss goals which is a complete mind shift!
This Round I have decided to do Lean & Fit but up my weights to try and build some muscle and also tone up a bit too.
So my 1 month goal is to hit 60kg for 4th June. I've been having a few issues with this but i'm on it now and I WILL do this!
Then my 3 month goal is to maintain that weight, possibly even drop a couple more kg and tone up.
My 6 month goal is the BIG ONE (well the warm up to the big one LOL) Valley Stampede Oct 2012 as seen on The Biggest Loser Aus!
Then Tough Mudder for February 2013 is my 12 month goal. I'm really quite scared of these last 2 goals but I know I can do whatever I set my mind to and i'm sure it'll also be a lot of fun!

Preseason Task #3 Gear Up
This one is a little hard for me to do as I already have several items required for my training and eating. I have a great set of scales and also kitchen scales. I have my best buddy Polar FT7 and another Polar on the way for a spare! I recently got new gym gear that actually fits me (no more hiking up my gym pants LOL) and the last thing is my iPod!

Preseason Task #4 Say it out Loud
This took me a long time to do this time. I wasn't having issues committing, just putting it into words so this is what I posted!
OK I need to get this out so here goes.... I've had a lot of emotional/mental issues with myself and parts of my personal life to the point I was close to giving up on 12WBT and leaving this group. I've been having issues with eating again which has caused me to gain a lot more than i'd ever be OK with. With everything going on i've struggled with my commitment task so i've been through the first few tasks again trying to get my head in the right place, i'm not quite there as this is going to take a while but I have made my commitment. So here it is......
  • Before kick off I will shed this 3.1kg. (1.8 to go!)
  • I will train atleast 1 hour per day during preseaon.
  • During Round 2 I will NOT miss a training session.
  • I WILL kick butt doing Advanced Lean and Strong. (amending to Lean & Fit)
  • I WILL attend as much group training as possible.
  • I WILL become the Fit, Strong, Happy person I know I can be!!!

Preseason Task #4 Kitchen Makeover
I am happy to say that not too much 'bad food' was in  my pantry (I must have eaten it all by the time I did this task oops!) however it was great sorting through my pantry and fridge and cleaning it up and organising everything it its own little spot.


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